Community Benefits: Connecting Carmel Valley

In 1975, the City of San Diego adopted the North City West Community Plan to make way for the development of the area that would come to be known as Carmel Valley. It recognized that a "core area" or town center should be,

"the major unifying element of the entire community,".

Finally a Main Street to live, work, play and gather

As a place where people would live, work, play and gather, One Paseo is one of the common threads to connect Carmel Valley, enrich the quality of life and bring people together.

The central feature of One Paseo is its Main Street with new retail shops and restaurants to provide Carmel Valley's residents and workforce added convenience and more choices closer to home.

Residents, workers and visitors will find space that is connected by sidewalks, with buildings that face a public space, such as a street, square, park, paseo, or plaza, rather than a parking lot or garage. Vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians will have easy, seamless access to One Paseo to increase the connectivity to the surrounding area. Landscaped buffers and a sensitively planned street-scape will ensure One Paseo is visually appealing from all vantage points in Carmel Valley.

That is why thousands of local residents, hundreds of businesses, the San Diego Coastal Chamber of Commerce, MOVE SD and many more support One Paseo.